How to be a hero



How to be a hero

To become a hero it is not always important to have some super power or money. Like the super man and bat man you can be a hero by just helping the people new you. So stop asking yourself how to be a hero and start working as a hero. Let me teach you some ways to become a hero

  • Try to help old citizens to cross the road 
  • Try to be nice with everyone almost every time
  • Help the children's to done their small works
  • If you are a rich person try to help the poor one's 
  • Give respect to everyone around you 
  • Help the people stucked in the traffic 
  • Be kind enough to to everyone
If you are still asking how to be a hero just be yourself and try to help the maximum people according to power. You can be a hero all the time without any super power by being yourself. 


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