Warid daily internet package

Warid daily internet package
Warid daily internet package

Warid daily internet package are the most famous internet packages because the daily internet packages are cheap and you can use than in free time. If you are far from your home and don't have wifi device near you than you can use the warid daily internet package to enjoy the internet and to get in touch with your friends and family.

As you now jazz and waird are now the one network so it mean the packages that work on jazz also work on waird and the packages of waird also work on jazz sim. So lets start

Warid daily internet package

  • warid daily internet package( peak-off-peak)
  • Price RS24
  • 100 MBs for 24 Hours and 1100Mbs from 2AM to 2MP
  • Dial *117*4# for activation 
  • Dial *117*4*2# for status

Warid daily social Package

  • Price Rs6
  • 10MB for whatsapp
  • 1800 SMS for all networks
  • Duration 24 Hours
  • For activation dial *334#
  • For status dial *334*2#

Warid Daily Social Recursive

  • Price Rs6
  • 200MBs for facebook and whatsapp
  • Duration 24 Hours
  • For activation *455#
  • for status dial *455*2#

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