meezan net banking ( internet banking )

Meezan bank is the one of largest islamic bank in pakistan with ots more than 750 branches in pakistan. The meezan bank provide internet banking to its customer. The meezan bank also provide you the net banking under which you can make payments to any online website.

Meezan bank debit card for online shopping

     The best service that meezan bank is providing in there net banking is the debit card. The special feature of there debit card is that you can make payments on any website with there debit card. The people in pakistan face many problems in online shopping but the Meezan bank debit card provide's the solution for all these problem's. i myself had used there debit card for purchasing some domain's from godaddy and it works very well. So if you also want to shop online than i highly Recommend the meezan bank debit card for online shopping.

Meezan bank app
Meezan bank app

Meezan bank app

     The meezan bank is also providing the service of Meezan bank app with there net banking service. If you are tied of standing in a long line for paying bills in bank and you wants to check your account balance from home than the meezan bank app is best for you. You can assess almost all of your account from your home with the use of meezan bank app. The app provide the following features

Meezan bank app
Meezan bank app
Meezan bank app

Meezan bank app Features

  1. Balance check and transaction details
  2. Bill payments and Payees record
  3. Block and unblock of your debit card
  4. Money transfer to meezan bank and 1link account members
  5. Easy to find the nearby meezan bank branches

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