infolinks review ( earning, payment methods, adsense vs infolinks)

infolinks review
     Infolinks is the one of the best adsense alternative if you wish to run an cpc and cpm ad network. The infolink is the one of the most oldest advertising company in the world.

     Infolinks come with so many feature which will allow you to earn more money than adsense. On infolink you need very small amount of work to setup the ads.

    For blogger and wordpress user is adnetwork in a blessing because this ad network is totally automatic.
     What does auto automatic ad network mean to you. Simply it mean you just have to place on script on your website and the ad network full automatically setup the ads on your website.

How to get approval on INFOLINKS

     This is very easy to get approved in infolink adnetwork for all types of website but some websites my not get approved because of copyright martial on there website so follow the step below to get approved

  1. To get approved in infolink first remove any copyright martial from site
  2. secondly try to maintain at least 200 to 300 views par day on your website
  3. Post minimum 20 articles on your website
  4. Make your website look professional
  5. Make sure Contact us, about us and Police page on your website
  6. Make sure all the pages on your website are working

Payment method of INFOLINKS     

     On infolinks there are many payment methods to use. As many under developed countries have very small payment methods working there. Following are the payment methods of infolinks
  • Paypal
  • payoneer
  • ACH
  • eCheck\
  • Bank wire transfer
     So as you seen above it becomes clear the you are not going to lost your payment from infolinks

How to join INFOLINKS

      If you want to join the info links than first you needs to have a good website according to the above role i mentioned and after that you have to visit and follow the steps below

  • click on sign up button and click on publisher option
  • now fill up the complete form
  • After filling the form you will receive ha confirmation massage
  • After that info link will provide you ha code paste the code on your website
  • the user of blogger and wordpress can simply install the widget for that
That all your website will become able to show ads after 24 hours.