Pakistan Train accident in tazgam

pakistan railway accident today
pakistan railway accident today

    Today an train accident is happened in a train that was coming from Haiderabad. The official of railway told that this accident is happed due to a salinder that was being carried by some people in the train.
     The railway officials told that some general people are trying to cook food early in the morning with the help of gas slander and that slander becomes the cause of that accident.
     The railway official also told that the fire spread fastly because of speed of train. The speed of that train enter the air in the train and spread the fire which becomes the case of more fire.
     Today that told of 73 people died in this accident. And 44 people are injured in this train accident. The blast of slander burns 3 bogies of train completely. It is also seen that some people jumped from the running train to save their life.
     The most important question that is being asked is that whether the railway is responsible for that are the people that died in this accident are responsible for that accident.
     However the Railway has been announced the grants for the people of died in this accident and also for the people who get injured in this train accident.
     The railway has announced the grants of RS1500000 for the people who died and 3 to 5 lakh RS for the people that get injured
     The railway told the full train is booked by a one person the now it is not possible for railway to identify the people who has died in that train accident.
     This accident happed in a train named as taaz gaam. That taaz gaam train was coming from haiderbad.
     All the nearby hospitals are at emergence alert. The injured people are transfered to the hospitals

     Numbers of train official for contact