Azadi march 27 october full details

azadi march
azadi march

     Salam friends today i am going to talk about the azadi march by molana fazal ur rehman.
Molana azadi march is going to happen on 27 oct 2019 and Molana is doing this just to return the government of Imran to home 

Molana said that this government is created with dandeli. Dandeli means cheating it mean that according to Molana This govenment is not elected by the Public but this is a selected one by some powers in pakistan

Molana is now going to set a darna in Islamabad which is the capital city of pakistan and he call this darna as Azadi march.

However molana said that he is going all this for the sake of pakistan but this Molana azadi march will damage the economy of pakistan which is already not in good condition.
azadi march 2019
azadi march 2019

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