new technology in pakistan

new technology in pakistan
new technology in pakistan

     Pakistan the second largest Muslim country in the world and Pakistan is trying to get in the list of developed countries for this purpose Pakistan is working on his economy and trying to increase business in there country for this purpose thy work a lot and try there best to increase business in there country

     Pakistan has very low export rate but has a high rate of import which decrease the foreign exchange reserves of Pakistan. It also create problems for Balance of payment the balance of payments of pakistan always stays in negative.

Ministry of Science and Technology (Pakistan)
Ministry of Science and Technology (Pakistan) 

Ministry of science and technology Pakistan

     Chuadhry Fawad Hussain is the Federal Minister for Science and Technology in Pakistan and this person work a lot to introduce new technology in pakistan Chuadhry Fawad Hussain and his team become able to introduce the 5G technology in pakistan which is too good because there is very small list of countries that have the 5G technology at the time and the under-developed country like pakistan is going to introduce 5G technology in there country

      Chuadhry Fawad Hussain also told that thy are going to launch there moon mission in 2020 or in 2022 . No matter when the are going to launch this mission it really shows that the new technology in pakistan is very good and the are working fine

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