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Imran khan speech today at UN

imran khan speech pakistan
imran khan speech pakistan

     Today i am going to provide you the full speech of imran khan at UN . Tha Imran khan speech Pakistan and he talks about the situation in Kashmir. Imran khan told that the india army is killing the people in kashmir. Imram khan also talk about the islamic terrorism. And clearly said that Islam does not Support the terrorism . He talks about the karfue in kashmir, And clearly said that when the karfue will lifted fro m the kashmir than the people of kashmir will came on roads and the indian army will kill then and the blame for all this will came on the paskistan. And if the blame cames on Pakistan than there is very high possibility of war between two countries Pakistan and india. And if that war start the impact of the war will be feel by the whole world. You can watch imran khan full speech here
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