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BS IT Subjects

bs it subjects
bs it subjects

     hello friends today i am going talk about the BS IT Subjects and i will told you about the major subjects of BS IT. The people who are going to start the bs IT this year a want  to wish them luck and blessings
  • Computer & Information Systems Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering 
  • Mathematics & Basic Sciences 
  • Humanities & Management 
  • Fundamentals of Computer Engineering 
  • Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering 
  • Statics & Dynamics 
  • Applied Thermodynamics 
  • Fundamentals of IT 
  • Technology Management 
  • Introduction to Information and Comm. Technologies
    Usama bin Zulfiqar
    I am Usama bin zulfiqar and i am one of the most oldest blogger in pakistan. i run more than 10 blogs but now i only run I am an SEO expert and i love to talk about IT staff

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