telenor free internet code 2020

telenor free internet code 2019
telenor free internet code 2020

     Hi friends today i am going to give the latest tricks of Telenor free internet 2020 with the help of these tricks you can use the Telenor free internet whole day so you does not have to waste your money on telenor internet packages . Yes you can use free internet on your telenor sim without and telenor internet packages . So lets start your trick no 1

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Telenor free internet code 2020

i am going to brake down tha all free internet codes of telenor if you use all of these free internet codes you will definitely get free internet.

Some of these codes are for some special areas and some are for some special sims so please try all of these telenor free internet code 
  • Dial *888# to get free internet for one week
  • Dial *345*75# or *345*88# to avail telenor free net unlimited free.
  • Dial *5*700# to get 500MBs for next 10 days
  • Dial *345*1004* or *345*477# or *12# to get free 5GBs of telenor internet
  • Dial *311# or *5*345# to get free facebook and whatsapp
  • Dial *345*7777# or *345*3333# or *345*991# or *345*818# to get telenor free internet
  • some extra codes *991# or *345*546#

Telenor free internet trick 2020

telenor free internet trick 2019
telenor free internet trick 2020

      if you want to use free internet on telenor then follow telenor free internet trick 2020.
First of all Download the My Telenor app from google play store and then open the application and enter your telenor number in this  app just after some second you will receive the massege from telenor that you got the 1GB free internet from telenor. enjoy free telenor internet

Telenor free mb code 2020

telenor free mb code 2019
telenor free mb code 2020

 Hi everyone if you want to get telenor free mb code 2020 then follow this trick till the end to use free internet on your telenor sim

  To get telenor free mb first of all you need to download the wowbox app  from google play store when you download the wowbox app on first login by using your telenor number you will receive 1GB free intetnet from telenor and after signup on Wowbox app you can get free 20Mbs daily by just claiming your daily reward on Wowbox app . Also if you subscribe your Telenor internet packages  and other Telenor packages from Wowbox app . You will get free token which you can use as money in wowbox to claim other packages 

telenor free whatsapp code and telenor free facebook code

telenor free facebook code and Telenor free whatsapp code
telenor free facebook code and whatsapp

    Hi friend do you want to use free whatsapp on telenor without any Telenor internet packages and also want to use free facebook with pictures on your telenor sim then you need telenor free facebook code and telenor free whatsapp code . But today i am going to give you the two in one code with the you can use telenor free facebook and telenor free whatsapp simple you just have to dial *311# and that all you get the telenor free facebook with pictures and telenor free whatsapp with downloading