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How to remove copyright credit from custom blogger templates || Remove powered by blogger

           HI friends Today i am Going to teach you about How to remove Your blogger copyright Credit from custom blogger templates to lets start

         Why remove copyright credit from blogger custom templates

      Now a day blogger is getting very popular in internet world and most of the Bloggers use custom blogger templates for their bloggers and when you use free themes for your blogger you will see their Copyright credit in footer of your blogger 
  That's not look Good and you want to remove this so that your blogger look more professional  and it looks like that you are using a paid blogger template 

        How to remove copyright credit from blogger themes

  1. first of all open your blogger 
  2. Now click on Theme (Template) option
  3. And them click on edit html Button
  4. now click anywhere on your blogger code
  5. And then press ctrl + f  Button to find a code 
  6. And then search for copyright 
  7. In this section look for the first <div> 
  8. and Now replace the <div>  with <div style='visibility:hidden'>
 And thats all save this from save Button and open your blogger look your copyright credit has been remove for more info watch my video
    Usama bin Zulfiqar
    I am Usama bin zulfiqar and i am one of the most oldest blogger in pakistan. i run more than 10 blogs but now i only run I am an SEO expert and i love to talk about IT staff

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